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FGN is your official home for all things golf! We celebrate the greatest game on earth with a weekly podcast featuring interviews with golf's top personalities, golf equipment reviews in the Tool Box segment, golf travel destination tips in the Road Trips segment, and much more.

You'll also find video reviews of golf gear and destinations, along with insight and commentary.

If you love the game, you'll love FGN!

Jul 31, 2017

Welcome to Episode 25 of the Fore Golfers Network Podcast! If you love golf, you'll love FGN!

On this week's show:

- Our Featured Guest is Adam Beach, the man behind MY GOLF SPY, the online golf equipment testing team that serves as a sort of "Consumer Reports" for all things golf.

- (23:40) FGN Tool Box - Brian Minbiole from CALLAWAY GOLF joins us to talk about the revival of the Steelhead Fairway Woods, a classic brand with all new technology.

- (34:27) Blowing Off Some Steam - In our popular "venting" segment, Minbiole shares his irritation with the game's governing bodies' wrangling and fretting over an anchored putting stroke.


FGN is hosted by Bill Hobson, a diehard golfer and longtime host of Michigan Golf Live TV/Radio.


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