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Aug 19, 2023

Welcome to the Fore Golfers Network/Michigan Golf Live Podcast Ep 394 - Special Investigation - Beverage Cart Operator Horror Stories, Part 1.

We invited beverage cart operators from around the nation to share their stories of the abuse, assault, disrespect, drug abuse, and overall boorish behavior they encounter while making their rounds to serve golfers at courses, resorts, and nationally ranked destinations.

We've changed their names and promised anonymity as these ladies share incredible stories of men behaving badly. Men, we can do better than this.

ATTN BEV CART OPERATORS - We'd like to hear from you and mic you up for a shift. If you'd like to talk more about your experiences and help us help you change the culture of toxic behavior, please text our 24/7 Hotline: (989) 272-2383

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