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Mar 27, 2024

Welcome to the Fore Golfers Network/Michigan Golf Live Podcast Ep 422 - The Foundations of Winning Golf with Jon Sherman

In his follow-up to the international bestseller The Four Foundations of Golf, Jon Sherman reveals the mindset secrets that transform ordinary players into winners in The Foundations of Winning Golf. Whether you're vying for success in friendly matches, club competitions, or tournaments at the junior and adult level, these proven strategies are your blueprint to succeed under pressure and have more fun.

Sherman shares everything he learned in his winding journey through competitive mid-amateur golf and coaching on the PGA Tour. Told from the perspective of a “player-coach” who never had any unique talent, he delivers easy-to-digest stories and coaching methods that golfers of all levels will find relatable.

The Foundations of Winning Golf is also about personal growth and development. Competitive golf offers a unique way to win in life. More than ever, people are anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed by the modern world. If we are open to it, many lessons we learn from golf can help us in our lives off the course.

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