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Mar 15, 2024

Welcome to the Fore Golfers Network/Michigan Golf Live Podcast Ep 420 - The Unique Story Behind The ONE Club Trainer

We're sharing the story of passion, science, family, golf, and innovation - in the form of the ONE Club Trainer and developer Alcide Deschesnes.

Top teaching professionals such as Mike Adams, Martin Chuck, and Jeff Smith have already incorporated the ONE Club into their instructional protocols and top long drive champions, including World Long Drive Champion Justin James are using ONE to generate better club head speeds and release points.

The ONE Club features patented technology. It is engineered to enhance a golfer’s swing mechanics using Dynamic Inertia Resistance which engrains the correct neuromuscular paths for swing consistency.

The ONE Club Background Story

The ONE Club was developed by Canadian entrepreneur Alcide Deschesnes, an engineer and mixed martial arts professional and his brother, Jimmy, a physician afflicted with MS who was determined not to lose athletic performance despite his illness.

The two began developing the device in 2006 with parts sourced from Home Depot. The brothers found that the ONE Club produced almost instantaneous results. Alcide’s swing speed jumped from 105 miles per hour (mph) to 128 mph in two months!

Upon his brother’s passing in 2011, Alcide continued to refine the ONE Club’s design, develop tooling, and ultimately find a Canadian manufacturer to produce the Club.

The ONE Club’s launch was further delayed by the COVID epidemic, delaying the product’s availability until October of 2022 on a limited basis. Deschesnes attended the PGA Show in January 2023 where he demonstrated the ONE to several top golf instructors and professionals.

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